• Conventional sulfuric acid plant

    Feeyar is the engineering company with vast experience in the design and construction of sulfuric acid plant. Feeyar by cooperation with its partner make huge difference in the operation of plant and enhance the operation of the single and double type sulfuric acid plant.

  • Wet sulfuric acid plant

    Feeyar in cooperation with its Chinese partner ( Key-on) is ready to implement, the newest technology in the sulfur management. The main differences between this technology and conventional method are:  

    1. Low consumption of utilities such as water, fuel and electricity.
    2. Easy to operate with one/tow operator
    3. Short process configuration with small required space
    4. Production of high pressure steam with capacity to produce electricity.
  • Sulfur recovery technology

    Feeyar with cooperation with its partner is ready to meet the most stringent environmental criteria by offering you the sulfur recovery plant with efficiency higher than 99 % . The new solvent for absorption of sulfur will allow this plant to recover the tail gas as SO2 and use it again in the clause plant.