Fiyar industrial group supply  equipment, high performance process catalysts and absorbents to a wide range of industries such as chemicals, mining industry, refineries and petrochemicals. Our extensive range of products are marketed through a range of well-known companies. we can help you significantly reduce cost and resource consumption by introducing new products that fit the best in your process through our well-reputed partners.


  1. Some of our most wanted products are as follow:
    • Zinc Oxide Catalyst as sulfur guard

    • DRI catalyst for Midrex process

    • Ceramic balls and packing’s

    • Dust recovery to produce Zinc oxide, …

    • Vanadium pentoxide catalyst

    • Desiccants

    • Blower

    • Heat exchanger

    • Pumps

    • Used equipment and plants

    • Formaldehyde catalyst

    • Licensed processes

    • Spent catalyst

      For more information please contact us: , Mob: 09332270172