About Us

Many organizations are struggling to implement their projects on time and to budget; due to stretched resources or shortage of skills in key areas such as Procurement. Feeyar was established with the aim of altering procurement to a key factor of its customers’ success. Feeyar, defines the product not only as a product but also as a set of products and services integrated in ways that add value to the costumers. Feeyar delivers high quality, innovative solutions. As a technical solution provider in various fields.

  • Oil 
  • Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Water treatment
  • Mining chemical

Passing from customer-supplier relationship, we strive to work more closely with our customers to add value to their operations as ultimate goal of our business. On-time delivery, better and faster answering of inquiries, quicker resolution of complaints, and the comprehensive support required by the customers after the delivery and during operation at site are hallmark of our services.

We understand that at the heart of a successful brand is a great products or services, backed by careful planning, a great deal of long-term commitment and creatively designed and executed marketing all of which aligned in a way to provide incomparable customer value.


  1. Value

    Feeyar providing Service-dominant (S-D) logic framework by applying its competences to benefit others and reciprocally benefit from others’ applied competences through service-for-service exchange

  2. Business strategy

    Our Business strategy is very simple

    • Create Value

    By producing an offering (a good or service) that is worth more to customers than its cost to produce; 

    • Deliver Value

      Provide effective marketing, sales and support

  3. What we do?



    Providing one single face to the costumers, bringing together products and services from the entire firm as well as from third party partners for costumers.