• Sulfuric acid catalyst

    Feeyar is agent of Haldor Topsoe in Iran. Based on experience over more than half a century, Topsoe has established an extensive technical service programme available to sulfuric acid industry. In addition to frequent contact, the service programme includes activity testing of catalyst samples, evaluations of catalyst performance, plant optimization, troubleshooting and management of catalyst replacement. Activity testing of catalyst samples represents a valuable source of information, which combined with data evaluations of the plant performance enables Topsoe to optimize future catalyst management.

  • Ceramic products

    Feeyar is producer of products made of ceramic specially for the tower internal such as:
    1. Ceramic ball
    2. Random ceramic packing 
    3. Alumina catalyst
    Although, ceramic saddles are the frequently applied and standard ceramic random tower packing.ceramic intalox saddles ring's ( ceramic saddle ) made from chemical porcelain, and it's fired at a very high temperature.